Community is everything

Are you craving a community that gives big dreams wings? Then Martene's invite might be just what you've been waiting for!

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A positive money mindset

What is your money story? And how it is holding you back? In this insightful blog, Martene shares the key to a positive money mindset.

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How to be a good leader

If you want to get the best out of your people, you have to put in the time and effort to coach them. And you need a framework that works.

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Different streams of income – pros and cons

There are multiple ways you can earn extra money. Not all of them are equal. Martene looks at the pros and cons of MLM, franchising, influencing and more.

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The truth about network marketing

An open letter to the network marketing cynic. Martene looks at the good and the bad of the MLM industry and debunks some common myths.

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Magical shit happens when we support each other

Five ways you can prioritise community over competition and help other women shine.

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How to deal with the feeling of loneliness

Technology means we are more connected than ever so why do we feel so alone? Here are my tips for tackling loneliness at home and at work.

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Connection and fun for the whole fam

Looking for fun ways to entertain the kids? Spontaneous Sundays are a great way to ditch the mum guilt and connect as a family.

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What is a coach?

Martene unpacks the key differences between a coach, a counsellor, a mentor and a therapist.

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Thriving During a Pandemic

Sometimes it takes a pandemic to kick you up the butt and make you realise what’s important.

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