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Forget everything you thought you knew about one of the most misunderstood industries in the world. Martene is a no bullshit, blonde, bogan bombshell who lays bare all her beautiful truths about network marketing in this refreshingly honest podcast.

The Network Marketing Truths Podcast is for anyone curious to learn about both sides of network marketing. It's delivered direct from the mouth of someone who has actually walked the walked, and who can breakdown exactly what it takes to create success. Whether you are right at the start of your journey or looking to grow your team, join Martene Wallace as she shares personal stories of struggle, strategy, insight, and skills on all things network marketing.

Martene is not afraid to ruffle feathers and challenge the masses. She brings her huge heart, unshakeable optimism, defiant individualism, along with an extensive knowledge of this business model to all her podcasts. Expect to discover more on the mindset you need for success, essential social media skills, and advice from leaders in the field. 

You will be challenged with fun, hard-hitting, and refreshingly real insights into an industry rich with opportunities… so long as you’re courageous enough to think outside the box to see them.


009 Negative Opinions when Starting in Network Marketing

For everything you do, there's always going to be someone out there with a negative opinion about it.

008 How to Grow Your Business without Annoying Your Family and Friends

For your business to grow, you need to help people. In today's episode I share the mistakes, lessons learned and where to start.

007 Why the Success Rate in Network Marketing is so LOW

Network marketing is a business that thrives in all economic climates, but why are there so many stories of people who didn’t make it?

006 How to Deal with Your Unsupportive Family

When starting a business, we tend to seek support from our family first.. What happens when your family is unsupportive of your dream?

005 The Truth About Residual Income in Network Marketing

Residual income is not taught in schools. Most people don’t truly understand it or think that it is possible for them, and families.

004 The Truth About Pyramid Schemes and MLMs

You might be wondering why MLMs are often associated with pyramid schemes. This is because there is a large misconception that they are one and the same.

003 5 Essentials to Know Before Starting a Network Marketing Business

There are so many things I wish I knew before starting my journey as a network marketer.

002 Why People HATE Network Marketing

Ever wondered why so many people hate network marketing, multi-level marketing and online businesses in general?

001 The Hidden Truth About Network Marketing

There are a lot of misleading and skeptical beliefs surrounding network marketing as a legitimate business model.

000 Welcome to Network Marketing Truths!

This is the Network Marketing Truths Podcast, and I'm your host Martene Wallace, a proud Digital Gypsy, Network Marketer and international speaker.

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