Community is everything

The world is crying out for connection

In a world where life is speeding up, walls are being erected, and real-life connection is becoming a thing of yesterday, there is a movement of like-minded legends who are making a new set of rules.

It’s no secret I thrive on the personal growth and passion that a supportive community brings to the table, but there’s way too many people shying away from real-world connection. There’s too much talent, intelligence and potential wasted in the world because people hide away and rob themselves and others of their gifts. They play it small and put up walls to stay safe or in fear of judgement of what someone may think or say.

They deprive themselves of a connection that can move mountains! Reality is, we don’t know what we don’t know. 

But how do we snap out of this self-limiting mindset? We surround ourselves with the right people. People that genuinely want the best for us. People who love us, test us, and mentor us. People who hold us accountable, call us out on our BS and pour belief into us when our cups run dry. People who celebrate and cheer us on for being ourselves, and allow us to come as we are.

This kind of connection and community is my jam, and it’s the exact reason why The SOCIETè was created end of November last year.

The right people make all the difference

The pandemic took virtual meetings and Zoom coffee dates to new heights, enabling people to work remotely, however these babies lack the power to connect communities like in-the-flesh functions do.

There are a lot of things I’m NOT good at, but co-hosting an epic event isn’t one of them. These spaces bring loads of laughter, tears, breakthroughs, fun, dancing, cocktails, good food and bonds that the online world alone, simply can’t compete with. We encourage radical authenticity and know the magic happens outside of our comfort zone. It can be scary when we start and try new things, however with a kick arse community alongside you, there is no mountain you can’t move.

All the fun and festivities aside, there are a few sad realities that always rear their ugly heads when we bring good humans together in a shared space. Realities that rip at everything we are working to create.

It hits me at these events, the amount of people who feel unseen, unloved, misplaced, or not enough. Good people who don’t back themselves because they have nobody in their corner reminding them that they should. They don't realise the mess is the whole point, and is the power of their story, and their gift to the world.

The right people are the missing piece of the puzzle

May 2021 I helped host a ripper of an event! It was the in-person launch for The SOCIETè and geez it exceeded all of our expectations.

Picture 200 souls cheering each other on as they kick through their own self-imposed limitations and shock themselves with the confidence they find on the other side. A community who held space whilst others cried, worked through vulnerabilities, and celebrated each other’s personal and professional growth on all levels. Impact, income and a tonne of courage to chase a dream of more choice and contribution. To be part of something bigger than themselves. Most of us meeting in person for the first time after working together online for months and in some cases years.

It’s this in-person connection and community that gives big dreams wings.

This event inspired women to take the steps needed to retire their mothers. It showed single mums how they could stay home with their babies and still pay the rent. It coaxed shy, reserved ladies who had spent a life hiding in the shadows, to finally step into the sunshine and own their worth wholeheartedly.

This community and these events are a vehicle to fund your soul's purpose! For me that's living the gypsy life, getting to travel with my family, no end date or budget in sight, where I get to photograph and drone till my heart's content.

There is so much power that comes from a space like this. Who we choose to spend our time with is EVERYTHING!

At this event people found friends, sisters, brothers and support. They discovered a confidence within them, and awoke to the realisation that they didn’t need to settle in life anymore. People realised they could choose. Why not them? Why not their family?

The choice is always yours

Is it time to take your power back? 

The beautiful part of a supportive community and an epic event like this, is that everyone is welcome to come as they are. So you can make the choice to keep watching from the sidelines of life, living through other people and wishing you had the courage to do what you truly desire. Or, you could dance with fear, choose faith, AND JUST GO AFTER IT! There is no shortage of opportunities, just a MASSIVE shortage of courage. 

If you have the balls to choose the latter (and I highly recommend you do!), then come along and join us for what will be equally as epic an event in November on the Gold Coast: The Rise of The SOCIETè.

Will you be rising with us? Remember, the choice is all yours.

Want to learn more about the community?

Curious about what The SOCIETè is? 

It's an international movement that now spans 12 countries and shows no signs of stopping soon! Join our fb community FLIP IT SOCIETè here that has grown to over 25,000 since December 2020, and see what all these happy people are so EXCITED about. Make sure you put the name of the person who shared this with you or where you saw it, so you get quick approval. 

Who we choose to spend our time with is EVERYTHING, but we're in a world where life is speeding up, walls are being erected, and real-life connection is becoming a thing of yesterday.

This is why we created The SOCIETè! A movement of like-minded legends who are making a new set of rules. This kind of connection and community is my jam, and it’s the exact reason why we're holding an epic an event this November on the Gold Coast: The Rise of The SOCIETè. So, will you be rising with us?

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